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Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans

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Background & Objectives

Based on figures provided by the Ministry of Social Development in Jordan, there are around 72,000 orphaned children, 23,000 of whom are in need of support. Despite the care they get from government-funded orphanages, when these children reach the age of 18, they find themselves on their own during a very important period of their lives - when they are about to embark on their higher education studies or professional training and enter the labor market. Unfortunately, as a result of the lack of support, many of them end up as victims of chronic poverty and its outcomes, including poor health care and education.

Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans attempts to tackle this problem by offering vital support to young orphans as they complete their higher academic studies and obtain vocational training. Al-Aman Fund is the only organization that works with orphans after they reach the legal age and leave their care homes. It provides services in a range of areas including:

  • Educational scholarships covering full tuition fees.

  • Monthly allowance covering living expenses like housing, stationery, and transportation.

  • Guidance and counseling through a network of social counselors and mentors.

  • Internship and employment programs that include assistance in entering the job market after graduation.

  • Medical insurance for the beneficiaries who graduated from orphan care centres.


    More than 4,200 orphans benefited from Al Aman Fund's different programs.


    When Hamza’s father passed away, his mother was no longer able to pay the bills and provide a decent level of living to her family. With a heavy heart, she had to place Hamza in an orphanage.


    From his early years, Hamza showed huge potential and he always dreamt of attending university. He knew, however, that his family couldn’t afford his university fees. Hamza thought that getting a higher education was only ever going to be a dream, and his hope of one day securing a good job and a decent life for himself will never become a reality. That is until Hamza heard about the Al-Amad Fund for the Future of Orphans and submit his application on his 18th birthday.


    Meeting all requirements, Hamza was admitted as a beneficiary in the program and after three years of hard work and dedication, he graduated top of his class, receiving a BA in Accounting from the University of Jordan.


    Hamza’s story didn’t end there, his councilors stayed in touch with him after he finished university and offered him a lot of guidance and support. This led to him getting the chance to intern at one of the biggest banks in Jordan. Hamza felt like he could take it even a step further and applied for a Masters degree in Accounting and with the help of Al-Aman, he is now attending his courses at university.


    Hamza’s personality and confidence left an impression back at the bank where he interned and his supervisors decided to offer him a full-time job with special permission to attend classes at the university.


    Hamza says, “with hard work and dedication, the sky's the only limit.”