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What we do

Our team of experts and researchers is dedicated to finding scalable solutions and improving educational outcomes in Jordan and the wider Arab world. To achieve this, we conduct rigorous research, design innovative programs, and inform education policy-making. Our work develops the capabilities and empowers young people to explore their limitless potential.

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We design and implement innovative programs that address the root causes of education challenges in Jordan and the region.

Through our programs, we aim to empower teachers to become change leaders at school, promote early childhood education, and improve educational outcomes for all. The Queen Rania Foundation achieves this by integrating knowledge and expertise with research and insights to implement innovative interventions that provide sustainable education solutions and address the root causes of education challenges in Jordan and the wider Arab world.


Our research forms the foundation for the design and implementation of innovative programs through which we seek to accelerate education improvements in Jordan and the Arab world.

Through any research we undertake, our aim is to shed light on the most important issues facing the education sector today and promote best practices to key stakeholders in Jordan, the Arab world and beyond.

We will always be committed to leveraging lessons learned as blueprints for those working within developing-world contexts and facing forced-migration challenges.

Informing the Dialogue on Education Policy

We know that only through collaboration can we hope to solve the biggest problems that the education sector is facing today. This is why we strive to work with others to build the evidence base needed to make the right decisions and write effective policies. A major component of our work is geared towards bringing different stakeholders to the same table and informing the conversation on problems in education and the effective means of solving them.

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Impact Evaluation and Monitoring

We use a utilisation-focused approach to evaluation and monitoring. This ensures that we develop efficient evaluation questions and only collect the data we need, and that will be used to design and improve interventions or support informed decision making.

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