Queen Rania Foundation

Applying behavioural science to an early years reading intervention

Read to Me

In Jordan, most children under six are cared for at home, but literacy-building activities are often lacking. To address this, the Queen Rania Foundation launched the Iqrali Programme ('Read to Me'), which leverages behavioural science to encourage parents to read with their children from birth, aiming to improve early literacy skills and school readiness. The programme has three main components: Social Behaviour Change Communications (SBCC) to highlight the benefits of reading, an intervention component providing books and resources, and a parenting platform offering support and information.

The programme's design involved extensive research to understand the target audience and influencers, identify effective behaviours, and develop context-specific solutions. Solution testing in 2024 focuses on feasibility and impact, with plans to scale the programme to reach 500,000 parents and children over the next six years.

For more details, please refer to UNESCO's Global Report on Early Childhood Care and Education.