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The Evaluation and Feedback Systems in Jordan’s Schools

Findings from Jordan’s 2018 National Teacher Survey

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Key findings

  1. Teachers were more likely to report receiving informal than formal appraisals from their principals; more than 4 in 10 UNRWA and Ministry of Education (MoE) school teachers reported receiving informal appraisals more than once a semester by the principal, compared to 30% of teachers who reported receiving formal appraisals.
  2. Teacher reports reveal the most common method used to provide them with feedback was classroom observations (73%-79%), while the least common form was through student surveys (approximately 50%).
  3. Aside from the school principal, members of the school management team were most likely to be involved in teacher appraisals.
  4. Teacher reports revealed the area with the highest positive change following feedback and appraisals was their confidence (67%-70%), while the least was their career advancement (36%-38%) and salaries (25%-28%).