Queen Rania Foundation

Linking Industry to University: The French and Jordanian Experience


Amman, May 18th, – The Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development (QRF) in cooperation with the French Embassy and MEDEF- the French Association of Businesses- held a panel discussion Wednesday, titled “Linking Industry to University: The French and Jordanian Experience”. Mr. Pierre Gattaz, the President of the MEDEF, gave an opening speech where he spoke about the French experience in this field of linking the private industry with universities, and in turn, His Excellency Mr. Said Darwazah presented the Jordanian practices and their work in striving towards creating a strong link between both.

During the panel discussion, pivotal issues were tackled such as the importance of scientific research in the development of the private sector, and the challenges societies have to address in a time where innovation and technology move at a fast pace. The panelists also shared ideas on how to promote research and innovation to serve the economy and thus create more employment opportunities.

Among the panelists were French business leaders, who shared their experience in trying to link academic research to industry. In return, Jordanian experts assured that this link is of high importance and a priority, having set up an industrial and research fund within the Ministry of Higher Education to clearly claim the need to bridge both worlds.

Representatives from QRF also stressed the importance of educational research and its outcomes as a priority in Jordan and its importance of keeping us up to date with today’s innovation and technology.

The panel discussion brought together French and Jordanian companies as well as decision makers and experts in innovation and research in both the public and private sector to discuss what is done in both countries and what needs to be done.

H.E. Mr. Said Darwazah, Chairman of the Board at the Queen Rania Foundation, ended the event by thanking the French association headed by Mr. Pierre Gattaz and the French Embassy in Jordan for their efforts in bringing together Jordanian and French subject matter experts and the importance of sharing best practices and creating fruitful collaborations.