Queen Rania Foundation

New Look, Same Values

We have big news! The Queen Rania Foundation has just launched its new visual identity and it includes a brand new logo, color palette, imagery and typeface. 

You will be seeing the new look across various touch-points, from our website and social media channels to our reports and campaigns. We loved our old branding, but with many results-focused thinkers under one roof, we realised that it was time for a more distinctive evolution, one that underscores the vital sense of urgency with which we feel education in our region should be treated. 

Every Second Counts 

We are running out of time; education needs to be considered an urgent national issue that requires immediate action. Otherwise, we risk leaving many children behind. Research shows that children who miss out on three years of education will be condemned to a lifetime of disadvantage. 

“There is no doubt that we are competing for reins over the future. Despite our best attempts and achievements, we are stuck hovering over the same ground, prevented by the winds of conflicts, inherited boundaries, and backward ideologies.

We need a powerful push forward. We have in our hands today the right tools and an open digital space. We have in our hands the promise of modern technology and innovation. These have the power to produce qualitative transformations in education, job creation, and can overcome many of the barriers facing women. We have tools that give women a louder voice, and a wider space to participate and advocate.” 

- Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah 

The theme that was chosen is ‘time', visually expressed through the sand clock. The pouring sand acts as a constant reminder that time is critical for the children we help. If we treat each moment as a moment to change for the better, to educate another child, we can have a better tomorrow. 

Our design goal was to better match our visual identity to our purpose while instilling a sense of urgency of the issue of education. We chose a bold and assertive color palette that can grab attention and inspire action. 

Empowering Possibility, Now 

We believe that many actions are required to improve education outcomes in Jordan and the surrounding region. We aim to find scalable solutions that improve educational outcomes. We want to engage parents in their children’s learning journey, to bring stakeholders together to build the evidence base needed to design and improve educational interventions, and to support informed decision making. To achieve this we conduct rigorous research, design innovative programs and inform education policy-making. 

The hope is that this rebranding will make our presence and the urgency of its purpose clearer to its beneficiaries and supporters alike. We believe that the alarm bells should be sounding, if we don’t act today, education reform will remain a distant future.