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Cookie Policy

As is the case with most web sites, our web server produces log files that record, for each HTTP request sent to it, the IP address from where our server believes the request came from (which is often the address of an intermediate proxy server), the date and time, the HTTP request itself (command and URL), our server's result code, and the number of bytes transmitted. If a user has logged into our web server, it may also record that user's identity. We may enable the recording of additional data from time to time as the need arises.

This site may store HTTP cookies in your web browser as part of user authentication (login) and to store information needed by other facilities.

As is the case with most web sites, individual pages on this site may contain links to data on other web sites. If your web browser is configured to fetch embedded images, objects or iframes automatically, similar data may be recorded by these other web servers as well as these items are being loaded.

Individual pages on this web site may contain forms for interacting with databases and other interactive services. Any data entered into such forms may be recorded by the respective server and, where personal data is collected, we ask the operator of such a service to provide a link to a privacy policy for this service.