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Promoting an evidence-based approach to policy making and program design.

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Evidence-Driven Results in Learning (EDRiL)

EDRiL is a multi-year research project that serves as an umbrella for research activities that are updated once every 12 months based on the needs of the Ministry of Education and the Education Strategic Plan (2018 - 2022).

A UK – Canadian funded project, EDRiL aims to generate rigorous evidence that underscores what works when it comes to improving pre-tertiary learning outcomes. It also promotes the uptake of that evidence into policy and programming as a means of informing spending decisions.

EDRiL is guided by a steering committee which is led by the Ministry of Education and tasked with the responsibility of defining and prioritizing applied research, in a manner that informs improvements in learning outcomes for children in Jordan.

The Queen Rania Foundation functions as the technical secretariat to the EDRiL steering committee and under its direction, the foundation will create annual work plans and conduct or commission analytical research.

By drawing on a range of partners both from within the country and beyond, the Queen Rania Foundation will ensure that its analysis draws on international experience and best practices while being grounded in the context of Jordan.

Desired Results

  • Developing a body of evidence-based research on learning outcomes that are aligned with the priorities of the National Strategy for Human Resource Development (HRD) (2016 - 2025).
  • Enhancing the understanding of how learning outcomes can be improved for educators, policymakers and the public.
  • Accessing and using evidence to inform the design of educational policies and programs.