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Impact Evaluation and Monitoring

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Our name reflects our belief that everything we do should have a positive impact and that we should be accountable for delivering that impact at all stages of a project; from design to knowledge uptake. We believe that we are accountable to all our stakeholders – including families and their children. We use a utilisation-focused approach to evaluation and monitoring. This ensures that we develop efficient evaluation questions and only collect the data we need, and that will be used to design and improve our efforts. 

Our team uses a co-productive approach from the ideation stage through to post-intervention review. The work we do is core to the integrity and operation of QRF. We use the best evidence to inform our work, and aim to create and use high quality evidence to ensure that our interventions and evaluative inquiries meet international standards. We ask challenging questions about, and undertake critical analysis of, QRF’s own work with the aim of improving our knowledge, understanding and practice. Learning and reflection is a constant within our approaches.

The IEM team is knowledgeable, motivated and supportive and aims to become an accessible centre of excellence and an incubator hub for M&E professionals in the region. 

Our Current Work Includes: 

  • A theory based assessment of teaching practices in challenging environments.
  • Evaluating the content and delivery of an app-based approaches to parental support for learning, and the home learning environment.
  • Developing best practice, culturally contextualised approaches in theory based design and evaluation.

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We are always open to opportunities to work jointly on evaluation approaches and projects, especially where they help to develop monitoring and evaluation as a professional discipline in the region, raise the capacity of the new generation of evaluators, and share learning that improves educational outcomes for people.