Queen Rania Foundation

Senior Research and Evaluation Manager


  • Provide technical leadership to two teams: i) an Evaluation Team, which will be led by an evaluation manager; ii) a Research Team (quantitative and qualitative specialists)
  • Identify, and steward into use, the research and evaluation insights that drive impact
  • Commission, or run, new primary and secondary research to fill key gaps in our understanding
  • Recruit, and support the skills development, of a high-performing team
  • Identify and build the partnerships needed to deliver on the Objectives and Key Results that you own. Plan Objectives and Key Results for subsequent years
  • Report on project progress, draft budgets and report to senior management
  • Work closely and productively with other team members within the Research and Program Development department, and from other departments, particularly Communications, and Finance 

What we're looking for:

Commitment to learning:
Learning is at the heart of what we do at QRF, both through enhancing student learning, as well as through a consistent commitment to self-improvement. We’re looking for individuals who have shown that they can learn quickly and apply what they learn. 

Social sciences background/interest:
Do you have a degree in political science? Education? Sociology? Psychology? Economics? Do you have a keen interest in public policy or social issues? Have your previous employment, education, extracurricular or volunteer activities demonstrated this interest?

Quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation skills:
You will have a solid understanding of research and evaluation methods, with skills gained from graduate / post-graduate study and relevant work experience. You will have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, accompanied by the ability to take the complex subject matter and appropriately communicate it for different audiences.

Teamwork and leadership:
We very deliberately put these two together. We believe that leadership involves a very clear understanding of what you can provide, building off of the contributions of those around you. Our employees must be able to demonstrate these skills in tandem. 

Communication and relationship building:
Improving education systems is not a lonely job. There are countless individuals and organizations that affect a student’s life, and it is, therefore, part of our job to work with these parties toward a common goal, communicating our research and coordinating efforts. QRF employees must constantly communicate in both a written and verbal manner, presenting research, writing briefs and reports, and maintaining continuous coordination with external and internal stakeholders.

Problem Solving:
What we’re interested in seeing here is your approach to solving complex problems. The education sector is far from straightforward and will require well-thought-out approaches to addressing its issues. What complex challenges have you faced in the past? How have you addressed them? What was your approach?

Required qualifications and experience:

  • Master’s degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. education, psychology, sociology, economics, or another social science)
  • Minimum of 12 years of work experience in a relevant field in Jordan or the region: education, economic development, public policy, research, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, etc.
  • A track record of outstanding success in leading teams, and achieving results through a partnership approach
  • Proven experience in quantitative and qualitative research skills
  • Proven experience in monitoring and evaluation, and knowledge of experimental and quasi-experimental methodologies
  • Proven analytical and writing ability

Preferred qualifications and experience:

  • Some teaching experience, especially in teaching Arabic literacy
  • Design thinking skills
  • Budgeting skills
  • Behavior change management experience
  • Proven ability to publish to international standards