Queen Rania Foundation

Finance Director

Main Job Purpose: 

The Finance Director is responsible for leading and managing the financial operations and Financial integrity, vision, and standing of the foundation.  The role of the director spans multiple areas of responsibilities beyond the day-to-day accounting and finance duties and includes oversight of certain financial and compliance aspects related to affiliated organizations, affiliated charities, and partners as well as providing the necessary support to all internal departments and functions. The role also requires having a strong strategic financial vision and maturity to help inform and guide the foundation’s financial direction and elevate the standards of operations to meet the ongoing demands and needs of the foundation to deliver on its mission. The director is expected to develop, monitor, and analyze annual, quarterly, and monthly financial plans and budgets that align with the foundation’s strategic direction. Furthermore, the role requires driving efficiency and performance through implementing and enforcing financial procedures and systems, in addition to supervising and engaging in the day-to-day operation which includes, supervising all accounting, bookkeeping and reporting activities including daily transactions, issuance of cheques, reconciling receivables, and payables, bank reconciliations, letters of credit, financial transfers, auditing expenditures, liabilities, revenues, and collections.  The role requires a solid understanding of grants management and reporting, endowment fund management as well as a strong understanding of non-profit organizations’ financial recording and reporting needs.  The director is expected to maintain a culture of openness, collaboration, empowerment, excellence, and impact which promote the values of the foundations within the finance department and across other functions.  The finance director will also serve as the treasurer to the Board of Directors of the foundation.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Strategy and Planning: 

  • Drive the development and implementation of the foundation’s financial vision and strategy
  • Define and implement the department’s annual objectives and key results and set the team’s deliverables accordingly
  • Lead the development, enhancement, and monitoring of the foundation’s annual budget
  • Act as the guardian of the financial integrity and standing of the foundation
  • Provide all necessary support to internal functions and affiliated organizations, charities, and partners related to financial, compliance, and reporting matters
  • Ensure proper legal and financial compliance with all stakeholders and government institutions related to donations, taxes, fees, reporting, and audit
  • Control costs and expenditures and implement best systems and procedures
  • Lead the development and dissemination of high-level and detailed monthly, quarterly and annual reports as needed
  • Lead on the external audit exercise annually and ensure smooth and accurate audit results
  • Present the annual external audit statements to the Board of Directors’ Audit Committee for their approval
  • Act as the Treasurer to the Board of Directors  
  • Prepare and present the annual and mid-year budgets and financial reports to the Boards’ Finance Committee
  • Drive the development of the team’s performance, personal growth, and career progression through proper and continuous feedback, annual appraisals, and learning plans
  • Enhance the team structure, workflow, and distribution of tasks and responsibilities to allow for improved efficiency, accuracy, and performance for the entire team without interruptions in the absence of any team member


  • Apply strong accounting and finance background and knowledge in local accounting and audit laws and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 
  • Utilize and maximize solid knowledge and experience working with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) accounting and purchasing system as well as able to maximize the use of the system and train the team
  • Oversee the daily technical and administrative workflow activities of the team and guide their daily performance and work plans
  • Prioritize and set daily, weekly and monthly work plans for the department and the teams to ensure deadlines are met and deliverables are submitted with the highest quality and accuracy
  • Supervise and support the preparation of the foundation’s annual budgets
  • Identifying the technical and administrative needs of the department
  • Work closely with the People Operations department to ensure proper and accurate payroll calculations are made with all agreed deductions and benefits
  • Collaborate with Strategic Partnerships and Fundraising department to ensure proper channels of collaboration are in place between the departments that facilitate proper recording and forecasting of donations, pledges, and grants
  • Continuously review financial data and supervise the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Enforce and update the financial policies and procedure regularly
  • Continuously track financial status and performance of the foundation and identify potential areas for improvements
  • Maintain and update the foundation’s financial model and provide support and assistance for the same with affiliated organizations
  • Ensure the proper financial reports are submitted to the Ministry of Social Development and ensure all foreign donation applications are submitted correctly to the Ministry in collaboration with the administrative and program team
  • Coordinate with the foundation’s legal advisors on any financially related matter

Job Communication:


  • Reporting to the Deputy CEO
  • Presenting to and working closely with the CEO
  • Serving as the Treasurer to the Board of Directors
  • Working closely and presenting to the Board’s finance and audit committees
  • Working closely with all departments


  • QRF Board of Directors
  • Government entities and ministries including the Jordanian Income & Sales Tax Department and Ministry of Social Development
  • Audit Firms
  • QRF Affiliated Organizations and Charities and Partners
  • Third-Party Consultants for different Accounting and Finance related projects

Job Qualifications:

  • Education level:

Bachelors in Accounting (required) – CFA/CMA/CPA/MBA candidates preferred.

  • Years Of Experiences:

12+ years of experience in accounting and finance including a minimum of 5 years as head of the department.

  • Languages:

Fluent in spoken and written Arabic

Proficiency in spoken and written English 

Behavioral Skills and Competencies:

  • Strong team leadership and people management skills
  • Strong communications skills in all formats; written, spoken, and body language with an understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Strong strategic thinking with the ability to apply logic and common sense in the interest of the foundation
  • Strong team player mentality and willingness to engage on all work levels including daily routine tasks
  • Highly efficient and shows flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs and demands
  • Conforms to and promotes high ethical standards

Technical Skills and Competencies:

  • Strong computer skills
  • Strong knowledge and experience working with Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting and Purchasing systems
  • Microsoft outlook and google mail knowledge and practice.
  • Exceptional skills in Microsoft Excel are a must
  • Strong skills in PowerPoint and Word are essential
  • Knowledge of the different local and international accounting standards, principles, and laws
  • Experience in financial analysis and reporting.
  • Experience in non-profit organizations accounting and finance is preferred

**Only candidates residing in Jordan will be considered