Innovation and Ideas

Call for program proposals

QRF is interested in programs that aim to improve literacy, numeracy and socioemotional learning. If you have a program idea, educational product or have piloted an educational program in Jordan or a similar context and you’re interested in partnering with QRF, then please submit your ideas using the form below.

Partnerships on programs aim to use evidence to inform policy and national scale-up of successful programs, QRF is opening up the space for partnerships on program development and implementation.

Program ideas that have the potential to improve student learning outcomes in Jordan, or have been evaluated for impact on student learning with positive outcomes can be submitted to QRF during its program selection cycles for review. If selected, and depending on the status of the idea, QRF may support the implementation of the project, or running an impact evaluation, or supporting national scale-up if evidence exists.

When are QRF’s program selection cycles?

  • 1st September – 30th November
  • 1st March – 30th May

Program proposals are best submitted during the program selection cycles by completing the form below; however, they can also be submitted at any time during the year and will be considered during the closest intervention selection cycle if they align with the program selection criteria.

Who is eligible? Local or international individuals, organizations or start-ups, that have either an idea for an educational program that has been designed based on evidence aiming to improve learning outcomes or have implemented a program in Jordan with demonstrable successful results as measured by either a rigorous formative evaluation or impact evaluation.

What are QRF’s learning outcome domains? Literacy, numeracy and socioemotional learning

Which age groups are targeted by QRF? 3-15 year olds in Jordan.

Selection criteria:

QRF will review all ideas against the following set of criteria:

  1. Alignment with Jordan’s education strategy e.g. the National Human Resource Development Strategy
  2. The intervention aims to improve literacy, numeracy or socioemotional learning of children aged 3-15 in Jordan
  3. Evidence that this intervention or similar interventions improve learning outcomes in the 3 domains QRF focuses on. Evidence includes RCTs and rigorous observational studies
  4. Partner credentials
  5. Readiness for implementation and localization for the Jordanian context
  6. Alignment with QRF’s theory of change and programs portfolio 
  7. Scalability: suitable for the scale-up in Jordan according to the following areas 1) political 2) social 3) cultural 4) financial
  8. Risks and mitigation

If you have a project idea, an educational product or both that meet QRF’s mission and project selection criteria, you are invited to share your ideas with the Research and Program Development Department by filling in this form.