Manager - Impact Evaluation and Monitoring (Qualitative)

About the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development

The Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development (QRF) aims to be the principal regional resource and incubator for new and innovative ideas and initiatives in education. Through research, program development, monitoring and impact evaluation, the QRF is leading the efforts to reform policy and practice in education, for both Jordanians and the large number of refugee children in Jordan. Our overarching goal is improve opportunities for children and youth, and to equip them with the knowledge, skills and values that will empower them to excel in a fast-paced and competitive world.

We seek to develop or localize impactful, innovative, scalable and sustainable interventions that fit within a resilient, student-centered and tech-enabled educational model. Our pilot process for developing and testing interventions is laid out below. To date, we have five interventions in the feasibility study stage and plan to launch another six in 2018.



Vacancy Description 

We are looking for an experienced evaluator to join our Impact Evaluation and Monitoring team. The candidate will be working on designing and conducting evaluations for QRF’s pilot interventions. This role will focus on using qualitative and mixed methods. It will suit someone who can assess which qualitative approaches are appropriate for particular research questions, and can critically evaluate different research designs.

Responsibilities will include:

  1. Lead the technical delivery of evaluations using qualitative and participatory approaches
  2. Work across the full evaluation cycle including designing evaluations, designing sampling strategies, developing interview guides, overseeing data collection, designing and carrying out data analysis, and disseminating results through written reports, briefing notes and presentations
  3. Contribute to the team’s intellectual capital development activities, including developing technical resources such as standardized approaches and tools
  4. Provide support and on-the-job learning to more junior team members, and deliver internal training
  5. Contribute to the team’s intellectual reputation development activities, including developing academic journal articles out of project work, presenting at academic conferences, and actively engaging with the impact evaluation community

Qualifications:  Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in a relevant discipline with a strong focus on qualitative research methods (development studies, sociology, politics, geography etc.)

Required skills & experience:

  1. Experience conducting evaluations using qualitative and mixed method designs
  2. Experience developing intervention theory of change models
  3. An understanding of qualitative sampling approaches
  4. Experience designing interview guides
  5. Field experience in conducting qualitative research
  6. Ability to write clearly

Preferred skills & experience:

  1. Experience working in the Middle East
  2. Experience working in the education sector
  3. Experience working with donors
  4. Familiarity with process evaluations
  5. Familiarity with theory-based evaluations
  6. Experience in developing and delivering training on qualitative evaluation approaches
  7. Experience of project management, including the management of large project teams
  8. Familiarity with quantitative impact evaluation methodologies (experimental and quasi-experimental designs including randomized controlled trials).

Language:  Excellent verbal and written communication skills required in both Arabic and English

Please note: Jordanian nationals are strongly encouraged to apply